Business Users

Business Users

Training & Mentoring

We can train and mentor staff to effectively use their computer skills

Anyone can need tech assistance

It doesn't matter your age or level of technical experience, we want to help you get the most (or what you want and need) from your technology.
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Assistance with data access, encryption, firewall, cyber-security

Built-in and More

Using built-in controls, cloud controls* (Google or Microsoft) or third party software.
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Cloud services are essential - except when they fail to synchronise

End Frustration

Emails and/or documents, emails, calendars - Google and Microsoft are the main providers, and we can assist we either. And others.
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The noodlification of wires and cables, identifying faults and configurations

Making Sense

Untangling, tying and labelling plugs and cables is the first step. Next is simplifying how you want your equipment to function.
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smart home, cctv, car tech & more

Whether configuring cctv, smart speaker functions or assisting helping understand car tech - we assist.

This is the heading

i.e. Viewing DVRs/IP cameras from smartphone/tablet; decrypting for you a multitude of car buttons and functions. Any tech, we assist.
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Other Services

Web Design & Maintenance


WordPress dominates the market, both as a website design tool and as a content management tool (CMS)


42.9% of websites globally are created using WordPress.


Competitors Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify are good but are nowhere near as dominant

Published and Maintained

We can instruct you how to update the website for yourself, or we can do it for you when you