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TechAssistMe -
here's what we do

Assist users using their technology
Assist users by fixing their technology
Assist users maximising their technology

Our Services

If it has a button, physical or virtual, we can assist


'How do I do this?' customers ask when they are trying to do something - so via remote support software our technician will login and demonstrate.*

WiFi Router - image


Computer not working, WiFi down, computer not starting - call us and remotely we will assist resolving the issue or if necessary arrange a T.A.M technician visit.

Unwell PC - image


Replacing broken laptop screens and failed hard disk drives are normal repairs for PC/laptop Windows devices. (nb. Windows 10 until 2025**).


Cloud / data

Need to move to a cloud service provider, data and/or emails? We have lots of experience doing this and can convey your data safely every step.


We use manufacturer authorised repairers


We use manufacturer authorised repairers

OSx devices

We use manufacturer authorised repairers

Touch Screen

We use manufacturer authorised repairers

upskill success - image

Upskill yourself, staff or family member

If you or someone else requires their technology skills enhancing, bespoke training and mentoring programs are here

Anything else?

**Microsoft will be stopping security updates from 14 October 2025 - please bear this in mind if replacing major components on your desktop/laptop. Also, only the most modern processors (CPUs) will work with Windows 11.
Manufacturer authorised repairs may not be the cheapest option but they are guaranteed. Please think carefully if seeking a cheaper quote – ask what they will do if the device breaks and they are unable to fix it, because then you have no option left.
-TechAssistMe Ltd quotes are FREE 

-Impartiality is assured; we are not affiliated to any manufacturer or service provider

-We assist with any operating system or device

-We assist with any software

*PC and Mac via secure software. Smartphones and tablets (Android or iOS) we can securely login to your device and direct you (via 2-way dialogue) through menus and options

** See above snippet – above ‘Windows 11 Ready?’

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