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Whatever you or your businesses tech training needs, call


1 on 1 training or groups of 10, we tailor training to achievable goals which add productivity capabilities to your staff teams (s)



User replicate

Bespoke reminder sheets 

24/7 backup and support

Training is not always appropriate for people who are not particularly au fait with technology. 

We find that with familiarity comes sometimes begrudging acceptance of new and modern methods, and this is how best to allow all people to benefit from 21st century technology. With even the most hardened technophobes, we guarantee that there is path that they will feel comfortable on at a pace that suits them.


Training people how to use to us technology varies depending on the device and the ability of the student. One thing is usually for certain though: real-world usability is the ultimate goal.

Our bespoke reminder sheets, written specifically for the needs of each individual user, for either home users or office staff, is a good source of backup to start with.

Office staff usually have specific requirements, either with software or using a new system unfamiliar to them. That's okay because our methods work for anyone.

From teaching young families how to stay safe online, to assisting Silver Surfers with everything from smartphone to smart T.V.s and everything else in between, for any level of ability we have a wealth of knowledge delivered in plain English, backed up with an inexhaustible reservoir of patience and understanding of the tech user's requirements - however they feel comfortable using it.

Microsoft Office or OS

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access - beginner or intermediate

Home users

Computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs audio/visual, automotive, smart speakers.


Age and/or experience is no barrier - 21st century tech is for all


Training / Mentoring Scenarios

  • Office - new or existing software or OS. 
  • Office intermediates - MS Office or bespoke software 
  • Family - e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, Console, Automotive, CCTV 
  • Online Safety - whether in the office, remote-working or family matters: uptodate training is here
  • 'Silver Surfer' - the benefits of 21st century technology is available to everyone, and we can assist anyone with any tech