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Software / Operating System Rapid ResponseWindows / Mac / Linux

Computer and gadget users often encounter frustrating tech issues which require a working resolution, and we are a knowledgable and trusted provider: online, by phone or in person.

Tech support includes issues with the following:


iOS / Android


Broken laptop screen

Microsoft Office - including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access

Mac Pages, Numbers

Bespoke software support

Apple Car Play


If you require real assistance with your technology whether it includes any of the above or something else, contact us.

Contact us with a tech question and we will respond within 24 hours.

The A Team

If you think your device has a problem unique to your user requirements, please get in touch and we will help resolve it for you.

Physical Damage or Fault


Fault diagnosis for any computer or internet connected device.

Help and advice on diagnosing fault with smartphone or tablet.

Apart from PCs or laptops running Microsoft Windows (7/8/8.1/10), repairing physical damage to any other device should be undertaken by the manufacturer or an authorised repair centre.