Maintenance and Repair


Wireless or connection issues

Smart TV configuration and associated audio / visual equipment

Tablet and smartphone diagnostics 

Computer repair and preventative maintenance 

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Home users

Below is a list issues that we are frequently called in to resolve - Windows or Mac, iOS or Android: 

  • Virus removal
  • Online security and family safety
  • Physical damage, e.g. Broken laptop screen*
  • Slow startup / response
  • Data backup
  • Wired / wireless issues
  • Email configuration - including computers, smartphones and / or tablet computers
  • Training / mentoring
  • Smart TVs and associated equipment
  • Silver Surfer support
  • CCTV and remote connection



Business Users

Below is a list issues that we are frequently called in to resolve - Windows or Mac, iOS or Android: 

  • Online security
  • PC / Laptop repair and maintenance
  • Data backup
  • Network issues
  • Email configuration - including computers, smartphones and/or tablet computers
  • Secure email synchronisation across multiple devices
  • Staff training / mentoring 
  • TechAssistMe desk for your staff - including secure remote access
  • Data migration from server to Cloud provider
  • Data analysis
  • Bespoke I.C.T service unique to your business



* Although we support any Apple Mac OS, we can only assist customers with computers running Windows 7 or above.

Could your business use a reliable I.T. person?

we can be your outsourced I.T. Department

Physical Damage

Windows and Apple Mac
PCs and laptops running Windows 7 or above can be repaired by us, and the cost usually makes it economically viable - i.e. the cost will be less than purchase price of a replacement computer.
NB. a brand new entry-level device can be purchased for around £250. Replacing a laptop screen costs around £84.

For computers manufactured by Apple we recommended that you book an appointment at the 'Genius Bar' of your local Apple store. Although the cost is higher than a high street repairer, if the repair goes wrong, Apple will replace it.


Smartphones and tablets *

Due to the intricate and compact construction of these devices, we recommend that you consult the manufacturer or an authorised repairer. 

Repairers officially authorised by the manufacturer will offer the same level of service, and independent repairers confident of their abilities may also be prepared to stand by their level of competence by offering repair or replace.

Email integration

Need to synchronise email across multiple and various devices throughout your life or business? We can assist. 

Configuration protocols used depend on your requirements, so we can advise which is best for you and your devices.

Slow or Virus Issues

Viruses or other malware infections predominantly effect PCs or laptops with a Microsoft Windows operating system - mainly because virus writers intend to infect as many computers as possible.

Although the more exclusive Apple iMacs and Macbook's include some built in safety measures, they are not completely immune and they can still be struck by malware infections.

We can reverse even the most stubborn infection, because in the worst cases we will backup the data, wipe clean the memory and reinstall the operating system - for any Apple OSx or Microsoft Windows 7 or newer only.

Data Migration / Backups

Transferring files to a new computer can also be a great opportunity to get into the habit of regularly backing up your data - with either an external drive, online Cloud service or private Cloud.

Smart T.V. Assistance

Require help configuring a smart T.V. or associated device? Call TechAssistMe.

CCTV Remote Connection

If you own a new and branded DVR and compatible broadband router, and subscribe to an approved broadband supplier, we can set up your existing computers, Smartphones and tablets to securely connect to your CCTV system so that you can securely view it from anywhere in the world.