Information Communication Technology assistance is required by most people in society, either at work or at home. Consultancy needs are also similar:

  • Which technology or device - product research
  • Integration
  • (Staff) Training and mentoring
  • Help desk - support
  • Data analysis

More often than not this is just the start of our consultancy report because we are asked to assist with implementing new more efficient and lower cost I.C.T methods. 

To save clients time and more expense, we research, dynamically process, then react to deliver the solution you need.

Real-World Scenario 1

Property developer's web development:

  • Assessed what the business required a website.
  • Assessed the target audience. 
  • Assessed competitors website and where client saw their business.
  • Created website mockups.
  • Created domain name and email addresses.
  • Implemented favoured design.
  • Configured computers with the domain name email address.
  • Assisted integrating banking and invoicing so that bank reconciliation and credit control was part-automated and easier to manage, instead utilising time to focus on individual cases.

Over the next 2 years, website admin and changes to text are continued to be actioned same day.

Client continues to be happy with the result and pleased with our services –TechAssistMe is also providing them with general I.C.T. backup and support with Mac, PC, iOS and Android– and has agreed to renew and refresh website with us. 

Real-World Scenario 2

Provided consultancy for the migration from office servers in 2 locations to a Cloud provider, giving their business enhanced flexibility and e-Security. This included:


Review of fundamental differences between the two, including the strengths and weaknesses of both methods.
Cost comparison analysis of two methods of storing emails and data.
Advising on most suitable Cloud provider for the business.  Provided a method list of how the changeover would work without disrupting their work.
Risk assessment explored –including e-Security and data loss– potential risks and how these would be mitigated.
Consulted with client to answer any concerns they had and provide.


Data migration was 100% successful and client is pleased that their tech flexibility is enhanced, cyber security is strong, staff are happy and I.T. costs are now considerably lower than when they used an office server.