What Qualifies TechAssistMe.uk

Over 30 years Experience working with Information Technology.

Over decade of experience providing Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.) support.

Diplomas in Computer Engineering.

The Computer and Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) maintains pace with technological developments and industry standards - which is why we constantly study for these examinations.

Experience in industry creating and developing websites and content.

Our Ethos Explained

  • Esoteric knowledge held by expert computer engineers and technicians doesn't help small businesses and consumers feel that they have any control over their I.C.T. expenditure.

  • We believe there is also a growing disconnect between user and I.T. departments and telephone help-desks - in terms of time, patience and fully understanding what is being asked of them.
  • While we also have expert and professional knowledge of technology, advanced devices and tech solutions have never before been more affordable or accessible - meaning that consumers and small businesses are clamouring to take advantage of the benefits of 21st century tech.

  • Acknowledging this, we believe consumers (individuals and businesses) are front and centre - and smoke and mirror tactics of 'those in the know'  don't belong in 21st century democratic business.

  • As tech products evolve, so must all types of I.T. Support  companies. In order to effectively serve both consumers and small business they must become facilitators of Information Communications and Technology (I.C.T.) rather just custodians of expensive esoteric knowledge. 

Employee Attributes:

  •  Technology fascination

  • Passion for resolving technology conundrums

  • Taking personal responsibility for resolving clients' tech problems

  • Commitment to use technology safely and securely